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I am a fully qualified, Bacp registered counsellor, I offer sessions both online, and in person in Holt. Please have a look through my pages to see if I may be the right counsellor for you

Therapy Sessions


Psychodynamic and Systemic

Psychodynamic theory holds the idea that things that happen to people during childhood can contribute to the way they function as adults.

A Systemic approach is a way of acting, thinking and viewing the world that focuses on relationships. Over time,  relationship patterns both enable and limit processes of development and change. 



Gestalt therapy is a client centred approach which gives attention to how we place meaning and make sense of our world and our experiences. It helps us to focus on the present and understand what is really happening.



Mindfulness is the process of bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present, without judgement. It is developed through the practice of meditation. Mindfulness can give us a greater feeling of wellbeing and can improve physical health. It can also help to alleviate stress and improve sleep.


Embodied Therapeutic Practice

Each of us has a unique embodiment that we are shaped by. Embodiment invites you to reconnect to your bodily sensations as part of the healing process

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How can Perle Counselling help you?

Ways you can feel supported...

Seeking therapy for any reason can feel daunting. Perle Counselling offers you a confidential and safe space where you can feel listened to, seen and understood. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming trying to cope with personal problems alone. Working with a qualified therapist can provide you with the support that you need to look at whatever is preventing you from reaching your full potential.

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Everyone benefits from being seen and heard

Sometimes we all need help to cope with life's challenges.

Therapy can provide the support and framework from which to begin gaining an understanding of yourself and your needs.

Talking with a therapist can benefit us in many ways, including giving us a better understanding of our emotions and communication skills to convey these emotions.

Therapy can also promote healthy coping mechanisms, improved relationships and achievement of goals.

What can counselling help?




Self Esteem




Anger Management



Mental Strength is not the ability to stay out of the darkness; It's the ability to sit present in the darkness knowing that the light will shine again.
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